Welcome to Bright Toward Industrial Co. A professional designer and manufacturer of relays. We provide Opto-MOS Relays, Silicon Carbide Relays, RF MEMS Relays, Reed Relays and many more. 


Company Description

    Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd. has over three decades of relay R&D and manufacturing experience. We manufacture Reed Relays, Wet Reed Relays, Opto-Mos Relays, Silicon Carbide Opto-Mos Relays, and RF MEMS Relay.
     Our factories have 10k/1k grade clean rooms with sets of fully automated testing equipment. Currently, we dominate 80% of Taiwan’s semiconductor testing market’s relay demand. The trust placed in us by large semiconductor manufacturing corporations demonstrates our determination in high-quality and advanced relays.
     Due to our decades of experience in both OEM for North America’s market and production of our brand, mainly in Asia; we have the ability and data to locate problems accurately and continuously improve our relays. To further prove our commitment to high quality, we took the time and effort to pass both AEC-Q101 and IATF-16949 automotive certifications.
     We have offices in San Jose, Germany, representatives in Europe to serve our worldwide customers.

Reed Relay Related Product Manufacturing 

Our Reed Relay manufacturing process is tightly controlled and standardized. Starting from fully-automated coil winding and dipping to molding and forming. Aside from all the standard testing items such as Coil Resistance and Operating Voltage, we also test for JCR (Just on Contact Resistance), DCR (Dynamic Contact Resistance), aging test, and many more. With three decades of experience, our manufacturing data allows us to maintain a near-perfect defect-free rate.

OptoMos Related Product Manufacturing 

We are the biggest manufacturer of Opto-Mos Relays in both Taiwan and China. The factory is equipped with 20 sets of wafer bonders and a 1K grade cleanroom. With our chip designing department, we can continuously improve the specifications and apply new materials, such as our Silicon Carbide Opto-Mos Relays with Voltage up to 3300V. 

We have teams of professional engineers committed to the constant improvement of the defect-free rate on our products. They are ready to work with our customers throughout the process of research and development and meet their needs in terms of customization. Our factory has been collecting data for over 30 years; these data and experiences strengthens our manufacturing ability and product quality. 

Philosophy / Motto

"Enriching your design."

Not only are we committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers, but we also foster collaborative partnerships with our customers to develop solutions to their requirements.



You are very welcome to contact us, please feel free to make the call if you have any questions. Contact Number : (+886) 2-8227-6000

Email Address:  service@relay.com.tw

We are looking forward to serving you in the near future! Bright Toward